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Mutual Arrangements is the World's Premier Sugar Daddy Website Online. We connect wealthy men & women with attractive males & females for fun, exciting relationships.

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"I have always wanted to be a Sugar Mommy so I could meet a younger and attractive mate for travel and more. No other site has the quality of members you have. I love spoiling my Sugar Baby and can't wait to make more fun connections."
Julie - Sugar Mommy
About Us

Our Reputation & Experience Precede Us

Our reputation precedes us. The founders of Mutual Arrangements possess years of experience managing the most successful brands in online matchmaking. We have learned a great deal in those years regarding what makes matchmaking sites successful, and what doesn’t, what members want, and what they don’t. Unlike many of our competitors, we did not create our website overnight. We took years to research and carefully construct the most user friendly and cutting edge site possible to help you find your Arrangement. We think the difference shows, and hope you agree.

The Quality of Our Members Means They Are Real People

Our members are real people looking for real connections. Unlike many other sites, Mutual Arrangements is not filled with fraudulent profiles or scammers in other countries looking to take your money or get you to fall for a scam. Mutual Arrangements uses every method available to help prevent profiles from being created by marketers. Our state-of-the-art approval system allows us to recognize and delete these types of unwanted users, and we do so aggressively. Simply put, we want you to meet real people looking for social connections, and who share your same goals of meeting someone special. Our customer service will act quickly and decisively regarding any member which may act inappropriately on our site to ensure our community is upbeat and secure. At Mutual Arrangements, your satisfaction is always our priority.

We Never Allow Spam or Annoying Pop-Up Ads

This one’s real simple. We don’t do it. Period. We will never sell or share your information to a third-party, and we will never send you spam. You will never see a pop-up advertisement on our site. Can other sites make money annoying you with those ads and selling them to companies? Absolutely. But we never will. Your confidence in our site is way too important and appreciated.

Our Customer Service Personnel is a Team Looking Out For You

At Mutual Arrangements, you can always count on us to receive prompt and courteous answers to any and all of your questions, concerns, and needs. We are not some person with a web server in a living room. We are a solid company with talented employees, and a sharp, outgoing customer service staff waiting to address your questions and concerns. When you sign up, an actual person will view your profile. When you need our help, your customer service requests are handled by one of our live representatives, and responded to in a timely fashion. We, like you, are bothered by the automated systems we encounter when attempting to contact some of America’s largest companies. For this reason, we pledge to you to give you the personalized responses that you deserve, and to do so both quickly and efficiently.

Our Security is Top Notch and Innovative

At Mutual Arrangements, the security of your profile, along with your personal information and financial data is stored and encrypted securely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our site is constantly monitored using state-of-the-art technology to delete anyone who would use our site for marketing purposes, and we have spared no expense to make sure that your personal information is secure. We also employ the most secure credit card processors available for online transactions. At Mutual Arrangements, your safety and security is our priority.